On his recent visit to Dublin , we spoke to James Turner from Aurora Expedition cruises to Antarctica;

Aurora Expeditions is an award-winning, Australian-owned expedition company celebrating its 30th anniversary year in 2021. A pioneer in polar expeditions, Aurora is truly committed to environmentally responsible travel. We are also committed to preserving the beauty and majesty that mother nature possesses, and we take real actions
for the care of the planet.

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Founded on the guiding principles of adventure and endless exploration, the small-ship experience is intimate and friendly, and Aurora Expeditions takes guests on perspective-altering voyages to some of the most remote and incredible places on earth.
We invite you to take a step beyond and explore the wild and unexpected. Ignite your curiosity, passion and care for the natural world, and play out your wildest dreams on a trip of a lifetime to Antarctica, the Arctic, and beyond on an expedition with us.

Enjoy our a taste of this expedition with a ship tour with the founder, Greg Mortimer, in this video.

Built in 2019, the Greg Mortimer was named after our co-founder, utilises some of the latest advancements in naval design & technology to revolutionise the small ship expedition cruising experience. The first passenger ship to feature the revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW®, this allows the ship to cross oceans more comfortably and efficiently.

Accommodating an average of 132 expeditioners per voyage within 76 comfortable cabins – all cabins have a view of the ocean and 85% of cabins have their own balcony. The ship also features a modern lecture lounge, multiple observation areas, zodiac launching platforms, a restaurant serving excellent meals, a gym and wellness centre, jacuzzis, a mudroom and many other amenities.


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For more information on our pioneering activities we touched on, feel free to have a look at this link and you can see the many options we offer, which give guests the chance to experience the incredible destinations in their own unique way.  You’ll also note that the additional pre-bookable activities available on specific cruises are highlighted on the attached price list for your reference.

Antarctica & Subantarctic Islands –
Antarctic Peninsula | Antarctic Circle | Falklands~Malvinas |
South Georgia | South Sandwich Islands
Nothing can quite prepare you for the feeling of stepping onto
Antarctic ice for the first time. Gaze into the iridescent blue heart of
an iceberg, feel the thrill of watching a leopard seal on the hunt, or sit
quietly on a beach and be entranced by a chorus of penguin calls. An
expedition to Antarctica is a vibrant experience you’ll treasure forever.

polar bears

The Arctic & Russian Far East
Iceland | Jan Mayen | Svalbard | Greenland | Canadian Arctic |
Russian Arctic | Russian Far East
Our purpose-built expedition ships take you into the Arctic’s heart,
where wildlife thrives in nutrient-rich waters, across vast tundra and
along migratory flight paths. Zodiac-cruise beneath immense cliffs
that echo with a cacophony of bird calls, and drift silently amidst pack
ice while watching for seals, whales, and walrus. Or trek across colorful
tundra while reindeer, musk ox, and arctic fox roam nearby.

Alaska & the Inside Passage
Prince William Sound | Aleutian Islands | British Columbia
A magical region of towering mountains and long fjords flanked by
old-growth spruce forests, and wildlife-rich waterways where tidewater
glaciers push down to the sea that is teeming with whales, sea lions,
and sea otters. Our small ships make exploring small coves, bays, and
inlets possible, taking you to locations inaccessible to larger ships.

British Isles
Ireland | Scotland | Orkney Islands
Scattered across the North Atlantic are 5,000 small islands and the
two large islands of Great Britain and Ireland – collectively known as
the British Isles. Remote and wild, marvel at the rugged and surreal
natural beauty of the islands that can only be experienced by sea.
Encounter Viking history, intriguing archaeological ruins, and ancient
cultures and customs being kept alive by charming locals.

Latin America
Baja California | Panama | Costa Rica
South America and Central America offer unparalleled natural beauty
of immense diversity. Discover remarkable white-sand beaches and
tropical rainforests in Costa Rica and Panama, home to an incredible
diversity of wildlife. Or explore Mexico’s Baja California Sur, a peninsula
of dry coastal desert surrounded by some of earth’s most biodiverse
marine ecosystems.

Oceania & Asia
Raja Ampat & West Papua
Raja Ampat is a marine biodiversity hotspot. With 75 percent of the
world’s coral species and over 1,500 species of tropical fish found here
– it is a paradise for divers and snorkellers. On our maiden voyage to
West Papua in 2022, we sail through this remarkable region, exploring
the wonders of the Coral Triangle and Misool Marine Reserve.
Curiosity. Passion. Care
Here at Aurora Expeditions, we have a passion for adventure, exploration, conservation, and
perspective-altering experiences that curious travellers will embrace with us.

Aurora Expedition Cruises

Our Expedition Team
When you travel with Aurora Expeditions, you travel with the most experienced, professional and passionate expedition team in the industry, who push the boundaries
to get you to the heart of nature and ensure you make the most of your time in the most beautiful places on earth. We’re about small groups for big adventures and we have
the highest ratio of expedition team to guests on our
voyages compared to any other operator.


penguins - Expedition Cruises

Your chance to be a Citizen Scientist
We are truly committed to responsible travel. We host experts,
scientists and researchers on our expeditions, who will share their expertise and passion for the environment with you.
By traveling with these experts, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in our onboard Citizen Science Program, to open your mind and discover how you too can
help preserve the majesty of our planet.

Due to sail soon, our new ship honours the highly accomplished marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer,  Dr. Sylvia Earle. As the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and named by Time Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet in 1998 – this vessel pays tribute to Dr. Earle’s long-standing conservation efforts for marine protected areas and ocean wildlife. Dr. Sylvia Earle will be involved in the development of her namesake.

We drew on centuries of collective experience to map out the Sylvia Earle: purpose-built for expeditions to the most remote places on earth. Featuring the revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW®, this allows the ship to cross oceans more comfortably and efficiently, and with expansive observation decks to bring you closer to the environment, inviting communal areas and unsurpassed environmental credentials, the Sylvia Earle offers the perfect base camp for adventures at the outer limits of human exploration.

Accommodating an average of 130-140 expeditioners per voyage, every cabin on the Sylvia Earle has an ocean view and nearly all have balconies. The ship also features a modern lecture lounge, multiple observation areas, Zodiac launching platforms, a restaurant serving excellent meals, a gym and wellness centre, jacuzzis, a mudroom and many other amenities.

Travel with Confidence

We have left no stone unturned with regards to our Health & Safety protocol, and we offer industry-leading booking flexibility & financial security in light of the pandemic. For more information please see:  www.auroraexpeditions.co.uk/travel-with-confidence/


We have an ongoing commitment to responsible, respectful travel. As founding members of IAATO & AECO, we take our responsibility seriously. We are curious, we are passionate. We care about reducing our footprint environmentally. We are taking real actions for the care.


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