Northern Lights Holidays

Auroras are born of the sun, when large explosions and flares throw great quantities of particles into space, carried outward by the solar wind.

The aurora is an electrostatic phenomenon that occurs when these charged protons and electrons in the magnetosphere collide with atoms and gases in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. When the particles meet the Earth’s magnetic shield, they are pulled into two great ovals around the Earth’s magnetic poles.

As they interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere, approximately 60 to 150 miles above our heads, the energy that is then released appears as a luminous, moving glow, typically visible in the night sky in the polar zones at particular times of the year.



Iceland is a Nordic island nation with diverse landscape ranging from volcanoes, hot springs, geysers and lava fields. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik is an unusual and incredible city break destination. It´s the northernmost capital of the world and has plenty to offer from attractions to activities.




A voyage along Norway’s coastline is more than just a cruise through fantastic nature. It’s also a culinary journey – one that’s not only delicious but sustainable too. Hurtigruten puts great emphasis on procuring and preparing locally farmed food. We work with local suppliers along the entire coast to bring you the freshest, tastiest ingredients possible.


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